Infinita will play a part in the Matrix Gay Week

09 May / 17:17H Infinita will play a part in the Matrix Gay Week

Infinita 2017 will be the main event of the Matrix Gay Week, 10 days of cultural events that will take place during the daytime as well as overnight in which the World Pride Madrid will be helded the best posible way.

Under the heading “Love The World” and due to the World Pride Madrid this year the Matrix Gay Week will be hosted for the first time, offering 10 days of day and night cultural events in which the presence of the gay theme will be increased more than ever. Matrix Gay Week will offer all kinds of cultural events such as theatre, cinema, exposures as well as all types of leisure events.
Infinita will be the key event in which Offer Nissim will be the headliner of the show. Infinita 2017 will take place next Saturday 1st of July and will host over 8000 people from more than 70 different nationalities that will be celebrating the World Pride Madrid in a very special way. The complete line-up will be soon revealed.

Among the large roster of artists, Matrix Gay Week has already confirmed huge names such as Offer Nissim himself (World Superstar Dj), Paulo, Maya Simantov, Ana Paula, Manuel de Diego, Hansell Leyva and many more that can be seen on the Matrix Gay Week social networks. There are several huge names still to be revealed, so if you dont want to miss anything follow us on Facebook to stay updated.

World Pride Madrid will be epic, more than 3 million people are being expected in the capital city of Spain prepared to celebrate this event in an awesome way, and on the part of Matrix Gay Week an special touch will be given, to ensure that all the above mentioned and much more will be posible, as well as ensuring the enjoyment of the audience at an event that will be difficult to forget.

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