From June 28th to July 16th 2017
12:00h to 24:00h

Free entrance

Chamartin Station – Upper floor

Photopride: Naked photography

Photo Pride – Naked Photograpgy is a project that will take place every year in Madrid concerning Madrid Pride week. MEEU, located at Chamartin Station, is the chosen place to share this art.


MEEU will be the headquarters of this project, and will convert the Chamartin Station in the meeting point of the naked photography. We will have Spanish and international photographers, Consecrated and emerging, that will spread new visions in the naked photography.


The pictures of naked bodies start in 1840, in the very beginning only served as a model for the painters, later they limited themselves to imitate the painting and only until the first third of XX century was accepted as an important artistic record. Edward Steichen with the chiaroscuro May Ray with the solarizations and André Kertész with the distortions… in the thirties started to delimit body in all its intensity with the help of the lights and lens. The appearance of Playboy Magazine in 1953 took to the naked body to the limit beyond what is generally accepted; because of its high erotic load, makes it fun and entertaining, which contributes to the sexual liberation under way in the United States and other Western countries. Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn pose with special talent and conviction the purposes of a photograph in service of eroticism and fashion. In 1964, with the first edition of Pirelli Calendar, with its actresses and models nudes photographed by the best photographers of the moment (Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino, Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts, Petter Lindbergh...) became an annual reference at the time of extolling the splendor of the body, in this case the female one. In the seventies of last century, the daring black-and-white images of Mapplethorpe (penises and flowers) and Peter Hujar (uncluttered portraits) are examples that would later serve as an example for photographers trying to get the body to speak by itself.


In every time the naked body are interpreted in a different way.  Nowadays we live in a moment of total eclecticism, with currents and attitudes that coexist freely and unconcerned, without a particular canon, except for beauty and technical quality.


We start this year in which the World Pride take place for the very first time in Madrid with three original photographers and complementary, with a great professional career both in the commercial field and in the artistic field, that also understand between them in a very special way. Álvaro Villarrubia, Joan Crisol y Rubendarío are our first bet. For both three, the human body, the splendor of the skin, is a fundamental issue to which they have dedicated hours of work and experimentation. Their achievements speak for themselves.


How a get


C-1,C-2,C-3,C-4,C-7,C-8 y C-10


Lines 1 y 10
Bus lines 5, 10, 80

Telephone Madrid Taxi’s number
Stop located in front of Chamartin’s Station lobby
915 404 050